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tfw no gf is a good, solid, wholesome meme. it is fun for the whole family and has a classic, yet not dated, charm. it is timeless and pure and can only be polished more expertly, never eroded or washed away, by the flowing tides of time and shifting meme sensibilities

there are two total cuties at my workplace but they’re both leaving soon because of school starting up again and i swear if no cuties get hired after they leave i’m quitting too

seeing them is one of the two things that keeps me working there.

the other thing is making sandwiches for cute customers eyyyyyy can a brother relate


Finished mixed media piece!Rendezvous Tattoo. Marquette Michigan. Artist: Chris Shelafoe


Finished mixed media piece!
Rendezvous Tattoo. Marquette Michigan. Artist: Chris Shelafoe